Notice:”each add-on” means all files included in Zip folder you download.

You must read all of this document carefully before you use each add-on.
You are considered to agree to the terms by downloading each add-on.

1.Publishing each add-on without permission.
2.Reverse Engineer and Modify(incl. modify and use for X-Plane).
3.Commercial use.
4.Using each add-on other than the purpose of Flight Simulation.

1.FSMUSEUM does not have any responsibility for your use of each add-on.
2.The terms may be modified suddenly.

1.You can make video or post about each add-on on your webpage without permission regardless of commercial or not.
2.I would appreciate it if you put this on your page:”Developer:FSMUSEUM (http://fsmuseum.jpn.org) “.
However it’s prohibited to put a link to URL of the add-on directly.
3.FSMUSEUM has all rights reserved.

E-mail:contact(At sign)fsmuseum.jpn.org

Please write down in easy English if possible.
This may be of help to me and you may get my answer more quickly.
I will read your message written in Japanese or English only.
And please write in your English.I also won’t read machine-translated messages from your native language to English.
Thank you for your corporation.